Metro Türkiye introduced a special vegan dining experience

Metro Türkiye introduced a special vegan dining experience by adding the Metro Chef Veggie Plant-Based Meze Family to its plant-based product selection. At the unique vegan table prepared by Plant-Based Chef Beril Oymak, Metro Chef Veggie Plant-Based mezes representing the traditional palate were served.

Four different types of plant-based mezes, offered under the Metro Chef Veggie brand, make our traditional palate accessible to everyone at Metro Türkiye and bonVeno Türkiye stores.

Aslı Duran, PhD, Corporate Communications and Public Affairs Manager of Metro Türkiye stated, “Both in terms of sustainability and healthy eating, plant-based nutrition providing alternative protein sources is a rapidly rising trend. As Metro Türkiye, we respect all forms of nutrition with a responsible business model, respond to changing consumer behaviors and demands, and contribute to the sustainability of our world. With this understanding, for many years, we have been offering hundreds of products to meet the needs of consumers who prefer plant-based nutrition at home and in professional kitchens. In addition to our product solutions, our goal is to demonstrate that there can be a plate suitable for every type of nutrition at the table, and in this regard, to provide both information and inspiration to the food and beverage industry.”