The Effie Awards Türkiye 2024

The Effie Awards Türkiye, organized for the 16th time this year by Turkish Association of Advertising Agencies ve Reklamverenler Derneği in collaboration with Effie Worldwide, were presented to their recipients at a ceremony yesterday evening.

This year, 72 awards were given at the ceremony, and 45 categories, including 188 sectoral and 149 private ones, were accepted for application. The categories with the highest number of applications were Snacks, Multiple Retail and Marketplace, and Household Cleaning and Care Products.

The opening speeches were delivered by Burcu Özdemir, President of Reklamcılar Derneği, and Ahmet Pura, President of Reklamverenler Derneği.

In her opening speech, Burcu Özdemir emphasized the importance of the Effie Awards, stating, “At the core of our profession lies the creation of effective and creative works. Effie is the biggest advocate and evaluator of this culture in Türkiye. We gather here tonight to celebrate these valuable awards, which prove how our work can be measured with creativity, spread to wide target audiences, and make our voices heard worldwide. The existence of Effie adds great value to all of us, so we are grateful for Effie.”

Ahmet Pura, expressed his disappointment in the Social Gender Equality category, saying, “Every year, I present an award for Social Gender Equality in Advertising; however, I am very sorry this year. Because there were very few applications in this category, and unfortunately, no work deserving of the award was found. According to our Effie Award-winning and Finalist TV Commercials Equality Report, which we have been conducting for six years, while the results regarding equality were good last year, we see that progress has slowed down. In addition to the main parameters we follow, we have also been looking at age, body size, and disability status in the use of main characters for the past two years. Unfortunately, we have observed an increase in discrimination, especially in the over-50 and plus-size categories. I invite all brands and agencies to be more careful about this.