The “Creating and Inspiring Women” project

Photographer Betty Mazalto, highlighting women’s multifaceted nature, captured the essence of eight successful women from various fields in a unique concept. With her project, she sent the message “You can do it too, you can create too” to young girls for the fourth consecutive year.

This year, the “Creating and Inspiring Women” project features the following figures: singer and actress Nükhet Duru, fashion designer and creative director Gamze Saraçoğlu, digital content creator Rachel Araz, director Zeynep Günay, publisher and creative director Zeynep Üner, painter and designer Eliff Karadayı, Hodan restaurant founder and chef Çiğdem Seferoğlu, and Country General Manager IBM Türkiye Işıl Kılınç.

The project, which started with a speech by Lebriz Dedeoğlu, the Talent Management Director of Swissôtel The Bosphorus, on “Women Employment in Tourism,” continued with an enjoyable conversation with the women photographed moderated by creative director Moshe Aelyon.

Regarding her project, which is part of the social responsibility arm of the Koruncuk Foundation, Betty Mazalto expressed her views: “In our project, which has been ongoing for four years, we have met many successful, creative, and inspiring women. The single-frame photograph that emerges with the beloved hobbies and creations of these names, who have achieved many successes, is a completed version of the story experienced by all of us in pieces. I believe that as we share, we multiply, and all women create an inspirational alliance with each other through their stories.”