L’Oréal Turkey is bringing Turkey’s first women’s rights magazine into the present day

L’Oréal Turkey is bringing Nuriye Ulviye Mevlan Civelek, who started publishing the first women’s rights magazine, Kadınlar Dünyası (Women’s World), 111 years ago, into the present day.

Civelek, through her articles and the association she founded, played a pivotal role in facilitating women’s access to higher education and employment in the public sector while also being a pioneer in promoting concepts such as women’s rights and equality in society. Honoring Civelek, L’Oréal Turkey shared the magazine’s first issue from 1913, along with its original pages translated into contemporary Turkish.

Additionally, L’Oréal Turkey will support renovating the Nuriye Ulviye Civelek public library in the Kırıkhan district of Hatay, which was completely destroyed in the earthquakes on February 6.

Sinem Sandıkçı Gökçen, the Country General Manager of L’Oréal Turkey, emphasized that raising societal and individual awareness about gender equality requires supporting a long journey of transformation. She stated, “With the strong stance of Nuriye Ulviye Hanım, who said ‘Today’s Life Requires Innovation,’ we witnessed how passionate and courageous she and her colleagues were in creating social awareness. It’s not just about this step being taken 111 years ago; it’s also about being realized with passion despite all the challenging circumstances of the time, bringing fresh perspectives and vitality to the discourse on gender equality.”

“Thanks to all the women who have contributed, inspired, and empowered this transformation journey, today we are moving forward with great courage and hope, knowing that our journey ahead is still long and challenging.” she added.