World Vitamin D Day.

Orzaks Medicine, celebrated World Vitamin D Day on November 2nd with the theme “From 7 to 70: Yellow Support” to raise awareness about Vitamin D deficiency. 

As part of these annual celebrations, hashtag#Orzaks, in collaboration with the Eastern Pediatric Society, met with earthquake survivors in Kahramanmaraş.

Yunus Emre Alimoğlu, the General Manager of Orzaks, mentioned they were in Kahramanmaraş this year to celebrate the traditional World Vitamin D Day by meeting with earthquake survivors. Alimoğlu emphasized that children are the most affected by earthquakes. 

During the event, discussions were held with experts from the Eastern Pediatric Society about the health effects of Vitamin D. He stated, “While Vitamin D is widely recognized in the community for its role in boosting the immune system, especially during the pandemic, it is also essential for the healthy growth and bone development of children. We explained the importance of Vitamin D to families during the event.”

Müge Turan, the Marketing Manager of Orzaks, mentioned, “In order to draw attention to the significance of maintaining healthy Vitamin D levels for the well-being of the residents of container cities who are trying to survive under challenging conditions, we wanted to be present in Kahramanmaraş on World Vitamin D Day.”

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