The “Adding Value is in Our Hands” project

SkinCeuticals supports sustainability in both science and life. The ‘Adding Value is in Our Hands’ project, initiated by SkinCeuticals and designer Aslı Filinta, inspired by Anatolia and the power of women, continues its transformative journey this year, which began in September.

Aslı Filinta described the project, implemented in collaboration with SkinCeuticals and the Hazek Women’s Cooperative, with the following words: “It’s a collaboration that uses the power of design to transform the traditional craftsmanship and values of Anatolia into a form that meets the needs of our era. Even in the ideation stage, it focuses on creating value, supporting women and craftsmanship, and forming authentic sustainability with natural materials. It’s a partnership that carries tradition into the future, a heart-touching project where we embrace our values and each other. It’s one of the endless possibilities of transformation, value creation, and unity. Starting the era of being together by touching from hand to hand, heart to heart. We are genuinely happy to see the project gaining attention. Our women continue to produce with magnificent solidarity. It’s prideful to see the project grow more each day.”