SUWEN reached 190 stores in 2023

According to the inflation-adjusted financial results of Suwen, the fastest-growing brand in the women’s lingerie, home wear, and beachwear sector in Turkey, SUWEN’s consolidated revenue for 2023 reached 2 billion 504 million TL, representing a 42% growth compared to the previous year.

Continuing to expand its store network in Turkey and abroad, SUWEN reached 190 stores in 2023, opening 18 new stores domestically and 14 new stores in 10 countries overseas, providing broader access to its customer base. 84% of the turnover came from domestic stores, 12% from the e-commerce channel, and 3% from international stores.

Ali Bolluk, the General Manager of SUWEN, commented on the financial results for the end of 2023: “2023 was a year in which we took strategic steps towards becoming a global brand in our sector both domestically and internationally, especially on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of our Republic. With investments made in the domestic market and the export channel, as well as a multi-channel sales strategy, we achieved sustainable growth. By entering new markets, we expanded the reach of SUWEN quality to more people.