“Special Education and Rehabilitation Unit” in Hatay İSO Life Town.

AbbVie Turkey, in unconditional collaboration with the Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey, has opened a “Special Education and Rehabilitation Unit” in İSO Life Town in Hatay Antakya to support disabled children living in earthquake-prone areas. The project, which has provided approximately 1,100 physiotherapy sessions, special education, and psychological counseling support to date, will continue in 2024.

Mete Hüsemoğlu, General Manager of AbbVie Turkey, expressed his views: “Unfortunately, the effects of such major disasters are long-term, and healing the wounds takes time. AbbVie Turkey has mobilized to provide both material and moral support to the region and the citizens affected by the earthquake from the moment we heard about it. In the future, we consider it our duty to stand by the citizens in the region. Through our research and discussions with NGOs, we learned that there are approximately 712,000 physically and mentally disabled citizens living in disaster-stricken areas. To assist earthquake-stricken children who are living in difficult conditions and struggling to access medical treatment, AbbVie Turkey partnered with the Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey.”

Nigar Evgin, General Director of the Spastic Children’s Foundation of Turkey, expressed her gratitude to AbbVie, which has supported their work in the earthquake-stricken region from day one: “Immediately after the earthquake, we mapped the distribution of disabled individuals in the region and created short, medium, and long-term projects to meet their needs. After learning that there was destructive damage in the rehabilitation centers in the region, we started providing services with our three service units and mobile service vehicles to ensure that disabled individuals do not miss out on the rehabilitation process and that their quality of life is not adversely affected. With the unconditional support of 

AbbVie, we have been providing services at the Special Education and Rehabilitation Unit we established in İSO Life Town since May.”

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