SKD Turkey has published the “Sustainable Business Guide”

SKD Turkey has published the “Sustainable Business Guide,” which encompasses its 20 years of experience in sustainability and provides companies with a comprehensive roadmap in this field.

Developed in collaboration with Escarus (TSKB Sustainability Consultancy), the guide offers the business world an extensive resource on sustainability.

Ebru Dildar Edin, the Chairperson of the Board of Directors at SKD Turkey, commented on the guide, stating, “With the tools we have developed and the projects we have implemented over the past 20 years, SKD Turkey has been contributing to the green transformation of the business world. The Sustainable Business Guide we have released is prepared to guide companies on their sustainability journey, contribute to the green transformation, and lead the business world towards a more sustainable future. The guide provides insights on the definitions, analyses, and prioritizations companies need to make when embarking on the sustainability journey, guiding them in establishing a sustainable framework. We hope this guide will strengthen companies’ efforts in sustainability and help transform their business practices.”