Sanofi Türkiye and KAGİDER’s GKL Inspiration Meetings

Sanofi Türkiye and KAGİDER organized the first of the GKL Inspiration Meetings as part of the Future Women Leaders program, which was launched 14 years ago to empower young women for the business life.

During the event, successful women who have graduated from the Future Women Leaders Program and have achieved success in their careers, along with prominent figures who serve as role models in society, took the stage to share their stories.

The inspiring stories of Future Women Leaders from accross Türkiye received standing ovations at times, while other moments moved the audience to tears. Overall, the women shared how they overturned the “you can’t do it” narratives imposed on them through their perseverance and hard work, delivering a message to all women that “you can.”

Pınar Kaya, Corporate Communications Head at Sanofi Türkiye and Levant:
“As Sanofi, one of the best examples of our diversity and inclusion focus and corporate social responsibility efforts is the Future Women Leaders project, which we have been conducting in harmony with KAGİDER for 14 years. From the very beginning, we have aimed to contribute to the emergence of young women leaders from all over Türkiye, who will shape the future of our country, and we have taken determined steps towards this goal. We have continuously improved our project, which has reached 1750 graduates over the years. The GKL Inspiration Meetings are a brand new step in this direction. It was priceless to hear about the outcomes of our project from the graduated young women leaders and bring them together on the same stage with successful individuals who inspire us all.”

Esra İçin Bezircioğlu, President of KAGİDER:
“As KAGİDER, we have undertaken many projects to date. We have always been involved in sustainable projects that touch the lives of women. The Future Women Leaders project, which we started with the story of two young women in 2009, is one of them. With this valuable initiative, we have directly touched the lives of around 1750 women, and indirectly impacted the lives of tens of thousands. It has become one of KAGİDER’s long-term projects thanks to the support of over 100 volunteer trainers and mentors. In 2017, it was presented as a model project at the 61st United Nations Commission on the Status of Women meeting, which fills us with pride. But we didn’t want to stop there. Believing that the stories and dreams of our project’s graduates would inspire every woman aspiring to follow her dreams, we launched the GKL Inspiration Meetings.