Procat continues its strong growth with new investments

The pioneer of the call center sector, Procat, continues its strong growth with new investments. Procat CEO Eniz Akdağ emphasized that they will provide much higher added value to the sector with their new investments and strategic moves:

“During the last period, where we achieved a record growth of 138%, we further increased our market share and strength in the sector by adding 27 new companies to our portfolio. By establishing strategic partnerships with global giants, we are enhancing our company’s competitiveness on the global stage. As a reflection of our company’s growth strategy, we have also increased our number of employees by 43% and aim to progress more ambitiously with our strengthened team of new talents in the upcoming period.”

He added, “Our recent Dubai office, which has become operational, will open new doors in the Middle East market. With our London office serving global brands in Europe since 2017, we will continue our international commercial activities through all channels. We will further advance our one hundred percent domestic capital with correct financial steps, strong collaborations, and new investments.”