KoçZer announced organizational changes

Koç Group’s corporate procurement and supply chain management company, KoçZer, announced organizational changes. Sanem Bayraklı, who has been managing human resources for more than 5 years, has assumed the leadership of the newly formed Marketing and Corporate Communications Directorate. The company’s new Human Resources Director is Füsun Çelik, who has been managing human resources in various companies of Koç Group for 17 years.

Sanem Bayraklı, who has been serving as the Human Resources and Corporate Communications Director at KoçZer since 2020, completed her undergraduate studies at Uludag University and Rutgers Business School. She pursued her MBA at Koç University and obtained a postgraduate diploma in “Digital Business” from a joint program of Columbia Business School Executive Education and MIT Sloan Executive Education in 2021.

Sanem Bayraklı emphasized that KoçZer’s marketing initiatives will increase, stating, “We need to strengthen our marketing and communication investments to enable KoçZer’s expertise in procurement and supply chain management and its digital-based business model to reach more business partners. Our priority will be to create loyalty by better explaining KoçZer and supporting the customer journey with marketing activities.”

Füsun Neçare Çelik, who has been serving as the Human Resources Manager at Arcelik-LG Air Conditioning since September 2021, leading human resources, industrial relations, and health, safety, and environment processes, holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Hacettepe University.

Assuming the role of Human Resources Director, Füsun Çelik emphasized KoçZer’s cultural transformation and stated, “Throughout my roles at Koç Group, I have had the opportunity to closely observe KoçZer’s development. Our direction at KoçZer will be to establish an organization where open communication and customer focus are the main values, as it grows with its services, digital platforms, and human resources.”