Koç Healthcare launches VetAmerikan Animal Hospital.

By embracing an innovative approach to healthcare and bringing together the latest technologies, Koç Healthcare (Vehbi Koç Foundation Healthcare Institutions) has expanded its knowledge, expertise, and experience into the field of animal health with the launch of VetAmerikan Animal Hospital. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony of VetAmerikan Animal Hospital, Dr. Erhan Bulutcu, MD, CEO of Koç Healthcare, emphasized the importance of making high-quality healthcare accessible to all living beings and stated the following: “As Koç Healthcare, we bring together innovative approaches and the latest technologies to provide healthcare services at international standards. Now, we are pioneering in veterinary healthcare, introducing a first in Turkey. We are uniting the health of our beloved animals, who have become a part of our families, with human health under the same healthcare organization. As we enter the 100th year of the establishment of our Republic, we aim to raise awareness about respect for all living beings. We aspire to bring a corporate perspective to the world of veterinary medicine, just as we have done in human healthcare.”

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