Kerem Bugay has been appointed as the General Manager of Alstom Turkey

Kerem Bugay has been appointed as the General Manager of Alstom Turkey.

With vast experience in strategy, business development, and supply chain management, Bugay has held various managerial positions in multinational investors and industrial solution providers such as GE, Dupont, Sabancı, Rönesans, and Sanko Holding before joining Alstom.

Andrew DeLeone, the AMECA (Africa, Middle East, and Central Asia) Regional President of Alstom, wished Bugay success in his new role, stating, “We attach great importance to our activities in Turkey as the leading global player in our sector, and we believe Bugay is the best fit for this role. We look forward to seeing Bugay’s contributions to the growth of the rail systems sector in Turkey with his experience and expertise.”

Bugay, in his statement, said: “I am delighted to work with a determined and experienced team that has contributed significantly to strengthening our country’s rail systems sector and achieving its goals. We remain strongly committed to supporting Turkey’s sustainable development by increasing our activities in Turkey and fostering solid cooperation with our stakeholders.”

Kerem Bugay holds an Executive MBA from Sabancı University and a bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from Middle East Technical University.