ING Türkiye has launched a new technology platform

ING Türkiye has launched a new technology platform powered by the international experiences of the ING Group. Built on microservices architecture, this platform aims to strengthen ING’s leading position in the industry and deliver its new products and innovations to customers faster and more effectively.

Alper İhsan Gökgöz, CEO of ING Türkiye, said, “We are progressing steadily on our path to becoming Türkiye’s most beloved digital bank and prioritizing our digital investments. Our new technology platform, which supports our goal of superior customer experience and our agile working model, sets a precedent in the industry with the widespread use of microservices architecture and reflects our innovative approach. We believe that digital transformation requires a transformation in terms of human resources as well, and we focus on creating a difference with our corporate culture that codes agility into our DNA. While benefiting from the international experience of the ING Group in our investments, we are also strengthening our position with a talent pool in technology and analytics at the global level. We will continue to grow in Türkiye by shaping our investments with a focus on digital banking.”