Enerjisa has released its financial statements.

Enerjisa, with 20% of its ownership being publicly traded and major shareholders including Sabanci Holding and E.ON, has released its financial statements as of September 30, 2023, confirming its strong performance in the first nine months of the year.

Despite challenging financial conditions, Enerjisa’s investments in its electricity distribution network and customer solutions segments surpassed the previous year’s investments, exceeding 9 billion TL in the first nine months of 2023.

CEO of Enerjisa, Murat Pınar, commented on the results of the first nine months, stating, “In line with our vision of leading the way to a new energy world for a better future, we continue to make profitable investments. Our total investments in the distribution network, customer solutions, and Eşarj areas reached 9 billion TL in the first nine months of the year. We will continue to generate projects that benefit society, develop partnerships, and create value for all our stakeholders and our country.”

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