Drogsan Pharmaceuticals has been accepted into the TURQUALITY® program.

Dr. Ersan Kucuk, the General Manager of Drogsan Pharmaceuticals, stated, “Since its establishment in 1975, Drogsan Pharmaceuticals has consistently elevated its development, and today, it has earned the right to benefit from the TURQUALITY® support program. TURQUALITY® is the world’s first and only state-supported branding program, designed to encourage companies aiming to compete internationally, particularly in the face of increasingly challenging competitive conditions and shifting consumer patterns, to create stronger brands that translate into greater value and market share. The alignment of our vision with TURQUALITY® objectives stems from our aspiration to be a well-known, respected, enduring, and closely followed firm in both national and international markets, with a vision of outpacing the sector average in terms of growth, exporting more than importing, and achieving prominence in the pharmaceutical sector. While our primary aim in pursuing inclusion in the TURQUALITY® program was to elevate corporate professionalism throughout the company, contributing to the corporate development and sustainability of Drogsan, it is gratifying to see that we have achieved this goal through the dedication and efforts of all our employees.”

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