Bulgur, with a low GI value, helps to stay full for a long time and protects against hunger crises

The analysis conducted by Duru Bulgur at Mukogawa Women’s University in Japan on the glycemic index (GI) confirmed that bulgur, with a GI value of 54.9, helps to stay full for a long time and protects against hunger crises. 

Thus, it was once again demonstrated that bulgur is a valuable food for a healthy lifestyle and effective against diabetes.

Food Engineer Ece Duru stated that GI analysis is a valuable research method that is carried out in limited places and is considered globally. 

Ece Duru mentioned that GI analysis is among the “must-haves” of Japanese food standards, saying, “Conducting this research in the most reliable places is highly valuable in terms of trusting the accuracy of the data. Taking into account the standards and sensitivity of the Japanese in this regard, we conducted the analysis in Japan with Prof. Yasushi Suzuki and his team, who specialize in this field. Thanks to these reports, individuals are turning towards healthier and more conscious food consumption. The purpose of this analysis conducted by Duru Gıda on our bulgur was to demonstrate the importance of a low glycemic index for international markets and to certify our bulgur as a healthy low GI product. Complex carbohydrates like bulgur help us stay full longer and protect us from hunger crises when their glycemic indexes are low.”