Bike Tarakcı appointed has been as the Deputy General Manager responsible for HR at Alternatif Bank.

Bike Tarakci, who possesses international experience in the field, has been appointed as the Deputy General Manager responsible for Human Resources at Alternatif Bank. With over 18 years of expertise in the human resources sector within both the industrial and banking realms, Tarakcı will oversee the management of all functions and operations related to human resources at Alternatif Bank.

Regarding the appointment, Alternatif Bank CEO Ozan Kırmızı stated, “As Alternatif Bank, enhancing and strengthening our human resources is critically important to us as we progress toward our future goals. We shape our policies in this domain by listening to our employees and providing them with a more efficient and healthy working environment. We believe that sustainable success can only be achieved through this approach. I sincerely wish success to our new Deputy General Manager, Bike Tarakcı.”

Bike Tarakcı stated, “I am excited and happy to join the Alternatif Bank family, a significant player in the industry with its people-centric approach. At Alternatif Bank, which prioritizes growing together with its employees, I am confident that, working hand in hand with all my team colleagues, we will continue to reinforce our employer brand and corporate culture, and advance our human resources in line with contemporary requirements and innovative practices.”

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