A strategic partnership to ensure uninterrupted access to treatment for diabetes patients.

Novo Nordisk Turkey has devised a strategic solution to ensure uninterrupted access to treatment for diabetes patients in the pharmaceutical sector, which various supply challenges have impacted on a global scale. The product, previously supplied from different production centers globally, is now packaged in Turkey by DHL Supply Chain through this new collaboration and delivered to patients.

Jens Pii Olesen, VP and General Manager of Novo Nordisk Turkey, stated, “Novo Nordisk is a global healthcare company that has been a pioneer in the field of diabetes with 100 years of experience. Diabetes, one of the biggest health challenges of the 21st century, is rapidly increasing both worldwide and in Turkey. The need for diabetes treatment is also growing in parallel. In Turkey, there are 1.5 million patients receiving daily insulin treatment. To prevent patients from experiencing issues with insulin supply and to facilitate their access to medication, we are entering into a strategic collaboration that will set an example for the entire sector. Through our collaboration with DHL Supply Chain, our product, which has been previously packaged in different countries in Europe, can now be packaged in Turkey and made accessible to patients with European quality standards. Within this project’s scope, after obtaining the approvals from the Ministry of Health, facility planning and all training have been completed, and the operations have commenced.”

Buket Oztuna Cox, General Manager of DHL Supply Chain Turkey, added, “As the world’s largest logistics company, DHL Supply Chain continues to provide superior operational services and innovative solutions throughout the entire supply chain to the communities we serve. We are excited to contribute even more to our country’s healthcare services by collaborating with Novo Nordisk in Turkey. With this partnership, we will play a role as a bridge to ensure medication access for diabetes patients in Turkey by managing both logistics and operational processes. We are also delighted to make many people’s lives easier through this valuable collaboration.”
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