Zorlu Center’s award-winning project: Eco Love Fest.

Zorlu Center’s award-winning project, Eco Love Fest, launched two years ago to create awareness in the field of sustainability, continued to garner significant attention from visitors this year as well. 

As the first and most comprehensive sustainability festival in its sector, Eco Love Fest received six different awards from national and international platforms last year.

Nur Ziyaoğlu Aytekin, the Director of Real Estate Marketing and Business Development at Zorlu Holding, commented on Eco Love Fest, stating, “We are translating our sustainability approach into tangible projects and experience-oriented events in line with our Smart Life 2030 strategy. Our Eco Love Fest event, now in its third year, is one of these projects. Through Eco Love Fest, we aim to highlight the value of nature and the importance of sustainability by offering new stories and experiences.”

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