Vodafone Business offers Retail Analytics Solutions to Bambi Ayakkabı.

Vodafone Business, a technology partner for businesses, has started offering Retail Analytics Solution to one of Turkey’s leading brands, Bambi Ayakkabı. With this technology, the number of customers visiting Bambi Ayakkabı stores can be tracked, and artificial intelligence-supported image processing technology enables the reporting of customers’ demographic breakdowns. 

The Retail Analytics Solution allows the store to offer the most suitable campaign for the right customer profile and facilitates the correct resource allocation.

Expressing their commitment to continue being a trusted digital transformation consultant for all SMEs and businesses across Turkey, Ozlem Kestioglu, Deputy CEO of Vodafone Turkey, made the following statements regarding the matter:

“As Vodafone Business, in addition to being one of the world’s leading mobile operators, we also offer many solutions tailored to the needs of our businesses with technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, cloud applications, data centers, and innovations. In this context, with our Retail Analytics Solution, we have become the solution partner of Bambi Ayakkabı, one of Turkey’s leading brands. Through the hardware placed inside the store, our Retail Analytics Solution group reports the number of customers visiting the store and enables customer demographic analysis through artificial intelligence-supported image processing. This not only allows for proper resource management but also assists in developing campaigns based on customer profiles. With the Retail Analytics Solution, waiting times for customers before cash registers can be reduced, preventing revenue loss. By profiling customers, the right campaign can be offered to the right customer. This solution, which enables the analysis of time spent at the shelves and includes personnel tracking, also provides data for the correct product placement. Furthermore, with the inter-store comparison solution, analyzing which store is busier at specific time slots is possible, facilitating the proper resource allocation.”

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