The “SurgInspire” General Surgery Summit

The “SurgInspire” General Surgery Summit, organized by Medtronic, brought together over 300 healthcare professionals from 18 countries in Istanbul. The summit focused on Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery, Colorectal Surgery, and Hernia Surgery.

Ayhan Ozturk, the Regional Vice President of Turkey, West Asia and Levant, delivered the opening speech, emphasizing Medtronic’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the medical device industry. Öztürk continued: “We have established one of Turkey’s most advanced training centers. The Medtronic Innovation Center (MIC), which opened in 2014, continues to operate as one of the leading training centers in the field. With our expert and competent staff at the training center, we provide technical and experiential training to healthcare professionals. We believe that surgical clinicians represent a significant opportunity with next-generation treatment options that enhance surgical competencies and patient care. We will continue to work to increase expertise in surgery and improve patient care.”