The launch event “Wellcare Collagen Beauty Boost” series.

Wellcare, the renowned Turkish brand dedicated to providing new and innovative products in the consumer health sector, continues to expand with its “Wellcare Collagen Beauty Boost” series, which is the first and only product line in the country to contain Silicon.

Speaking at the launch event of the Wellcare Collagen Beauty Boost series held at the İlko Pharmaceuticals Konya Production Facilities, Hatice Öncel, the General Manager of İlko, stated, “İlko is among the top 10 pharmaceutical companies in Turkey in terms of investments in R&D, with a total investment of 52 million Euros to date. In 2016, we entered the consumer health sector with our Wellcare brand, and our primary goal with the Wellcare brand is to provide consumers with innovative health products developed with the sensitivity and perspective of pharmaceuticals. What sets us apart is that we apply the same quality and assurance processes from pharmaceuticals to our Wellcare products. Wellcare products are the result of meticulous work, featuring clinical studies, certified raw materials, and formulations developed with the correct dosage and composition, taking into account consumer needs and ensuring user satisfaction in terms of taste, aroma, and ease of use. Our new product range, Wellcare Collagen Beauty Boost, is the valuable outcome of all these efforts and processes.”

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