Selim Ortega Kızıler has been appointed as the Senior Director of HR at Novo Nordisk Turkey.

Selim N. Ortega Kızıler has been appointed to the position of Senior Director of Human Resources at Novo Nordisk Turkey, bringing with him extensive experience from various countries and cultures, such as the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Philippines, and the Gulf Region, where he has served for many years.

Kızıler joined the Novo Nordisk Turkey family in 2012. Since 2016, he has been involved in various international and local human resources projects in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the Philippines, and most recently in the Gulf Region. 

During his international assignments, Kızıler gained comprehensive experience in different countries and cultures, building on Novo Nordisk’s established corporate culture.

In his five years as HR Director at Novo Nordisk Philippines, Kızıler achieved significant recognitions such as the “Outstanding Employer of the Year Award,” the “Scandinavian Sustainability Award,” and “Best Place to Work.”

In his new role, Selim Kızıler will lead the establishment of an organization where human resources strategy and business processes will work in harmony, focusing on enhancing the employee experience.

Jens Pii Olesen, General Manager and Vice President of Novo Nordisk Turkey expressed great joy at Selim Kızıler’s return to the Turkish team, emphasizing Kızıler’s strong commitment to the Novo Nordisk Style throughout his career. Olesen stated, “Selim, with the experiences he gained abroad, will significantly contribute to our organization and our goal of becoming the best Novo Nordisk organization in the world.” 

Selim Kızıler, in return, expressed his intention to strengthen Novo Nordisk’s position among the most admired employer brands by returning to Turkey and leveraging the global career experience gained at Novo Nordisk.

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