PharmUp ventures participated in the Vivatech Fair

Sanofi Türkiye’s entrepreneurship program PharmUp, developed in collaboration with Endeavor Türkiye to support the development of innovative ideas that will create added value in the healthcare sector, participated in the International Start-up and Technology Fair Vivatech Fair held in Paris.

Among the ventures selected to participate in this year’s fair were:

👉 Aivigo, which intersects wellness and online therapy; 

👉 CorPal Health, which offers evidence-based solutions for chronic disease management using the latest technology; 

👉 Medicasimple, a patient-tracking application designed for clinics and practices; 

👉 MediTechLabs, a platform that automates documentation processes in healthcare using artificial intelligence and voice recognition technologies, providing cost and time savings for hospitals and doctors; 

👉 RareSum, a decision-support platform for doctors that aims to shorten the diagnosis time and increase the accuracy of rare diseases.