Pepsi’s new look has been unveiled worldwide

Pepsi’s new look has been unveiled worldwide, and its global design, changing for the first time in fourteen years, has been placed in iconic worldwide locations in more than 120 markets.

To celebrate the change, digital installations featuring Pepsi’s globe logo were redesigned for each location. The world’s significant points were adorned with the brand’s new visual identity, which elevates Pepsi into its new era with the splendor of electric blue and black.

With its new look, Pepsi is entering a new and dynamic era, promising exciting, culture-focused experiences in sports, music, and gaming.

Aslı Önder, CMO of PepsiCo Turkey Beverages, said: “We have always been a bold brand aiming to provide enjoyable moments to our consumers. Our new visual identity carries bold, confident, modern, and iconic characteristics. Our consumers will enjoy the great taste they love even more, coupled with the impressive and fun experiences we offer in music, sports, gaming, and cultural arenas.”