Mécénat Servier is constructing a community center in Kahramanmaraş.

Mécénat Servier, the Social Responsibility unit of the Servier Group, is constructing a 434 m2 community center in the Kahramanmaraş province in collaboration with Needs Map. This initiative aims to contribute to the local recovery and development efforts in the region.

Guillaume Recorbet, PhD, the General Manager of Servier Türkiye, who visited the community center built in collaboration with the Needs Map initiative, emphasized that they have been in solidarity with the earthquake victims from the very beginning, saying, “Erasing the effects of the earthquake and healing the wounds require a long-term process. With this awareness, we had planned to open a community center that would contribute to the development of life in the earthquake-stricken area once life returns to normal. Now, seeing the rise of this center is heartwarming.”

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