Borusan’s Gender Equality Perception Change Report

Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Borusan released the Borusan Gender Equality Perception Change Report in collaboration with KONDA Araştırma on March 8th, International Women’s Day.

The report illuminates a decade of change in topics related to gender equality. Research shows that prejudices have decreased over the past ten years, and perceptions change as education levels increase.

Nursel Ölmez Ateş, Group President of People, Communication, and Sustainability at Borusan Holding, expressed her views on the Borusan Gender Equality Perception Change Report, stating, “As Borusan, we are celebrating our 80th year this year, and we see gender equality as a critical goal in our aim to become a 200-year-old company. We have conducted various studies on this issue for over ten years.”

“In this research conducted with KONDA, we can see that opinions from ten years ago have changed, but not at the desired pace. Our duty is to continue our efforts tirelessly to increase awareness in the field of gender equality and to ensure that consciousness changes. As Borusan, we will continue to use our valuable experience in this field to advance gender equality and get a better position,” she added.