Allianz Trade and Inclusive Brains collaborate to develop a new type of brain-machine interface

The world’s leading commercial credit insurance company, Allianz Trade, and the innovative neural interface developer Inclusive Brains, supported by productive artificial intelligence, have started collaborating to develop a new type of brain-machine interface called Prometheus, which transforms various neurophysiological data such as brainwaves, heart activity, facial expressions, and eye movements into mental commands.

Prometheus is an innovative technology that will enable individuals who cannot use their hands or speak to operate workstations or connected devices and to type on keyboards in digital environments without the need to touch the screen or use voice commands, facilitating navigation. 

The collaboration between Allianz Trade and Inclusive Brains will accelerate the development of AI-supported assistive solutions that provide more autonomy to people with disabilities and facilitate their access to education and the workforce.

Olivier Oullier, Co-Founder and CEO of Inclusive Brains, says, “Inclusive Brains’ generative AI models and multimodal neural interfaces will benefit everyone, regardless of their physical characteristics, abilities, or needs, promoting true inclusivity means developing solutions that assist everyone without discrimination. Controlling a computer with the mind, eyes, or by blinking or squeezing, is a life-changing opportunity for many paralyzed individuals to communicate with the world.”

Aylin Somersan Coqui, CEO of Allianz Trade, expresses pride in collaborating with Inclusive Brains to leverage AI and neurotechnology for positive social impact. She says, “‘Inclusivity’ is one of Allianz Trade’s core values, and we truly believe in the power of innovation to support it. This partnership with a start-up at the forefront of developing generative AI and neurotechnologies to create positive social impacts through inclusivity is a natural extension of our commitment to this core value.”

Paul Barbaste, Co-Founder and CTO of Inclusive Brains, emphasizes the importance of leveraging technology and artificial intelligence. He says, “Following the path of the remote control, which changed the lives of people with disabilities before being widely adopted by the general population, our hardware-independent generative AI-supported neural interfaces will pave the way for new generations of smart tools and workstations that assist everyone.”